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Hola!!! I'm Bhakti and I'm what you may call a quintessential 'wanderer'.

I take great joy in exploring new places and experiencing the unknown.

I have travelled across different cities in India and its my dream to travel around the globe.

P.S. - I do look forward to earn my globetrotter badge. :P


Find more about my fun-filled travels and experiences through this site.

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How travelling became my passion !!!

We all have many good memories in our lives, but only a few stand out that are always close to our hearts. It can be as specific as remembering the first time you learned to ride a bicycle and telling others about how you fell in the beginning, or enjoying mangoes at your grandparents' house during summer vacations, or reading your favorite book, or playing in the rain with your friends as a child, or getting your first smartphone (this is what 90s kids will relate to the most), and so on. And it can be as vague as school-time memories, or a trip to a place you adored, or events that provided you with the best experiences and lessons in life.

Overall, these are the stories you want to tell others because they make you happy just thinking about it  and sharing it with others.

One such incident happened with me as well. A trip to a place closest to my heart changed my life. And by changed, I mean that I discovered a traveller within myself. I discovered how travelling deeply affects me, helping me in processing my thoughts and teaching me new things about life, nature, places, and people.

So this is how it began - I went on a week-long trip to Ladakh and found myself glued to the glittering water of Pangong lake for hours. There sparked something inside me - the craving to see the world and at that moment I embarked on a journey to visit as many places as I can - near or distant, sea and mountains, jungles and deserts - I wanted to be everywhere.


But believe me, it could be hard once you get along with your careers. Working five days a week and feeling enervated at the end of the day, and then seeing your weekends fleeting fast right before your eyes as you decide to do something that could bring a sense of refreshment but spending all of your time at home and doing nothing but sleeping all day long to recharge your batteries for the coming workdays - pretty boring, right?

This is no question to ask as most of us will find ourselves stuck in the same. To find the right amount of energy and time to keep your passion fueled is something that shall be topping your priorities list - because life without passion is not living, it's just existing.


Things could have been different if I hadn't gone to Ladakh. It is the place where I found my passion. I had the opportunity to travel on the world's highest motorable road. As far as my vision stretched all I could see was the rocky mountains like the ones we draw in our landscape paintings.


Standing somewhere amongst snowcapped peaks, clear blue skies, barren mountains with meandering rivers, I realized that the only thing I want to do is traveling.


Every time I visit a new place, it makes me realize that this world is full of wonders. This world has so much to offer to our aesthetic hearts.


Traveling gives me peace and it feels like pressing the refresh button on my life. Exactly like a session of meditation. I feel so relaxed and soothed that sometimes I never want to return to my usual life.

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