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How often do you reminisce of the places you've traveled to and the memories you made there? Travelling to a place is like building a story. A place exists in multitudes and it can never be same for everyone. So when you go to a place and it feels like you were "meant to be here", you were not wrong. A version of that place was waiting for you there. It waits for your arrival and then stays with you the whole life.


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People often ask me why I started writing about my travels. To begin, I used to keep a journal and write about my experiences of each location so that when I read it, I could go back in time and relive them. Later on, I reasoned, why not create a blog and share my most honest and raw experience with you all? So there you have it. I hope you enjoy reading it and that it helps you plan your trip. Happy travelling !!! 

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Places I've been to so far !!!

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