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Sun, Sand, and Serenity: Experiencing the Allure of Goa

[ Travel date : October 2023 ]

Nestled along the picturesque shores of the Arabian Sea, Goa has long held its reputation as one of the most famous beach destinations around the world. This sun-soaked haven on the western coast of India is a kaleidoscope of experiences, offering something for everyone, and is known for its pristine beaches and a unique blend of North Goa's party spirit and South Goa's tranquil serenity.


With its miles of golden sandy shores, crystal-clear waters, and an amalgamation of Indian and Portuguese culture, Goa is a paradise that beckons travelers from far and wide. It's a place where the carefree spirit of beach life merges seamlessly with the richness of Indian tradition.


Whether you're a party enthusiast, a nature lover, a history buff, or someone seeking spiritual solace, Goa has something unique to offer. It's a place where the world comes together to celebrate life, love, and the sheer joy of being. So, whether you're looking for a getaway to dance the night away or simply escape into the serene embrace of nature, Goa is the ultimate destination that promises to leave an indelible mark on your soul.


This blog is a bit different from my usual travel stories. My trip to Goa was short, and I didn't have a packed schedule of famous places to see. It was more of a relaxing escape where I spent three days at a beautiful resort in South Goa, which had a quiet private beach. So, this blog will read more like a travel journal than a travel guide.


Where I stayed?

As I said, all I wanted was to unwind on the beach. I was searching for the finest places and resorts in Goa offering access to a private beach. That's when I stumbled upon the "Caravela Beach Resort" in Varca, South Goa. I must admit; I felt a sense of accomplishment in discovering this place because it perfectly matched what I was seeking for this getaway.

My Goa trip kicked off with excitement from the very beginning. We reached airport in the wee hours, ready to catch a 4 AM flight. We landed in Goa just when the sun was about to rise, booked a taxi from the airport and made our way to the resort. Looking back, reaching Goa early in the morning was a good coincidence. Why, you ask? Because that early morning ride allowed me to witness the enchanting beauty of South Goa before the world truly woke up. The road was framed by majestic coconut trees on both sides. The houses along the way were a cheerful sight, their colorful facades standing out against the quiet morning. Pastel shades of pink, yellow, and orange adorned these charming homes, adding a pop of vibrancy to the scene. I could see people gathering at the church, ready to start their day with morning prayers. All of this was like a moving painting, viewed through the frame of my car window. It was a moment of peaceful beauty and serenity that I was fortunate to witness during my early morning drive on the roads of South Goa.


The moment we arrived at the resort, I couldn't wait to hit the beach. So, without wasting any time, we hurried towards the shore. 


After a while, we returned to our room and relaxed for some time. The afternoons in Goa can be scorching, so we decided to stay indoors to escape the heat. Our plan was to head back to the beach again during the evening.


There's something universally captivating about beach sunsets. One of the highlights of this place, for me, was the presence of a charming beach hut cafe right by the shore. Throughout my stay, whenever I had the chance, I would make my way to this hut. On our last day, I found a cozy corner in the hut, right next to a wide-open window that offered a full, unobstructed view of the beach. I wanted to experience reading a book at the beach, something I had never done before. So, on that sunny day, while sitting at the best spot, I took out my book, ordered a cold coffee, and engrossed myself in the story, losing track of time, all the while occasionally glancing up to take in the breathtaking view of the endless sea. The sound of the ocean waves served as a soothing background score to my reading. It was an enchanting blend of literary escape and beachside tranquility.

With twilight casting a warm, amber glow over the shore, I found myself irresistibly drawn to the beach. I slipped out of the hut and began a leisurely walk along the water's edge. The cool, soft sand beneath my feet offered an exquisite sensation, connecting me deeply with nature and providing a soothing experience.

And, as is my custom, I reached for my camera to seize this stunning horizon and immortalize these moments, because, in the end, "baad me jaake yahi sab baatein to hume yaad aengi" (P.S. These are the memories that will make us smile later) :P

While walking on the beach I saw abundance of small crabs scurrying about. I must admit that their sudden appearances and rapid movements occasionally took me by surprise. At times, a crab would dart out from a small hole in the sand, causing me to jump and perform a comical dance of surprise.

One great thing I found during my stay at the resort was that they let you rent beach bicycles. This was my moment to check off a beach cycling adventure from my travel wish list, a first-time experience I was excited about. Riding along the shoreline was thrilling. The cool, gentle, salty breeze played with my hair as I savored the simple pleasures of life, one pedal at a time. It was a truly enchanting day by the sea, and I couldn't have wished for anything better.


With the beach always nearby, I couldn't resist the chance to go there, whether it was morning, evening, or even at night. I used to get up early, put on lots of sunscreen (cause no tanning please !!!), grab my beach hat, and head to the beach. We spent a good 2-3 hours there, having a blast dancing, playing in the water, taking long walks, and clicking aesthetic pictures. During our walk, we stumbled upon a spot where a few old fishing boats were beached, probably used by local fishermen. We couldn't resist the temptation to climb in and pretending to be sailors and taking fun pictures. I mean look at these pictures below.. haha !!!

Sitting at the front of one of the boats, I took in the beautiful beach views. The kid in me let my imagination run wild, thinking about what it would be like to row one of those boats out into the ocean, but we just laughed it off. When the sun got really hot, we headed back to grab some delicious food and refuel our hungry stomachs.

As I said, one of the greatest perks of private beaches is the freedom to visit at any time. I had a long-standing desire to experience the beach during the late hours of the night, relishing the solitude, the moon's gentle glow, the shimmering stars, and the soothing lullaby of the waves, with no one else in sight. To top it all off, we had the good fortune of visiting on a full moon night, and let me tell you, the illumination and the scenery were absolutely enchanting. We had a great time, running along the beach, belting out classic Bollywood songs, dancing like nobody was watching. It was a night filled with laughter and happiness, and that's how we ended our day. Make sure to unmute below video to listen to the sound of the ocean waves.

In retrospect, this vacation stands out as the highlight of my year, a much-needed escape that allowed me to unwind and rediscover a sense of connection with myself. Embracing the ebb and flow of life, I've come to a point where I've found my own rhythm to navigate through challenges and appreciate the joys that surround me.

For me, travel is not just a passion; it's a way for me to introspect. This getaway has reinforced the belief that exploring new places goes beyond ticking off tourist attractions. It's about immersing oneself in a new environment, embracing the serenity, and allowing nature to be the catalyst for self-reflection.

I believe everyone should take a trip every now and then, not just to see the popular spots, but to chill out, relax, and be one with nature.There's a transformative power in those moments of quietude, away from the hustle and bustle, offering an opportunity to foster a deeper connection with oneself. This trip was indeed a much, much, much-needed pause in the narrative of my life, and I return rejuvenated, grateful, and with a newfound appreciation for the simple joys that existence unfolds.

Although I can't give you a list of must-visit places in Goa this time around, perhaps on my next visit, fueled by the desire to delve deeper into Goa, I'll be able to share some exciting discoveries.

Have you ever been to Goa? I'd love to hear about your favorite spots. Drop a comment and share your recommendations; it might just help me plan my next adventure in this vibrant destination!

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swati das
swati das
Nov 22, 2023

You took me right back to this place! and I think that's your strongest attribute, you take the reader wherever you go with you and you make it so freaking beautiful, both with the words and pictures.

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